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Assessment is integral to the teaching and learning process for all pupils and is a valuable tool for informing staff of the next steps in learning. Assessment at Fairfield is ongoing, however formal assessment takes place each term when data is collected and progress evaluated.

Fairfield School use an app called Evidence for Learning (EFL) to gather, annotate, assess, manage and collate evidence of individual pupils’ learning and their learning journeys to meet the unique needs of our pupils.

The app allows school to evidence and track progress using video evidence (photographs as appropriate) against targets related to their Education Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) through Personalised Learning Goals (PLGs) in our five areas of learning: Cognition and Learning; Communication and Interaction; Social and Emotional; Sensory and Physical. Evidence is collected to inform progress throughout the year and teachers record judgements three times a year to assess pupil progress using the terms Emerging, Developing or Secure. We have developed our own assessment system which ensures that we are able to accurately evaluate pupil’s progress and identify their next steps. This will inform our target setting which defines the priorities for each pupil.  

Videos are shared with parents at Parent Consultation Meetings throughout the school year.

Pupil Progress Meetings: Teachers complete a dashboard to evaluate progress made in PLGs and complete a Pupil Progress form which is discussed in a meeting held three times a year with the Assessment lead alongside the Pathway SLT link.  

Moderation is essential to ensure that assessment and target setting is accurate and effective. Moderation meetings are held on a termly basis with teachers working together across school.

Engagement Model: We apply the Engagement Model assessment system for pupils at the early developmental stages of learning. The language of the five areas of engagement: exploration; realisation; anticipation; persistence and initiation are integrated into our PLGs. These areas allow teachers to assess pupils’ engagement in developing new skills, knowledge and concepts in the school’s curriculum by demonstrating how pupils are achieving specific outcomes. They represent what is necessary for pupils to fully engage in their learning and reach their full potential.


AQA Unit Awards

Students in Year 10 and 11 complete AQA Unit Awards


Post 16 students work towards ASDAN Personal Progress accreditation


Post 16 students work towards ASDAN Personal and Social Development (PSD

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