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Lucy Roche


Rebound Rebound is an exercise for pupils with a range of physical and learning disabilities. It is provided by specially trained staff who have undergone intensive rebound training within the specialist environment at Fairfield. Rebound is an evidence-based activity that significantly improves movement, co-ordination, tone, fitness and communication skills. Students who have Rebound  recommended in …

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MATP Motor Activity Training Programme MATP is a programme specifically designed to enable pupils with severe profound and multiple impairments and/or complex needs to participate in sports activity within the Special Olympics. MATP at Fairfield School gives pupils an opportunity to challenge themselves as well as showcase the core set of four skills they have …

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Expressive Arts

Expressive Arts At Fairfield School we encourage a creative curriculum. Creativity provides the opportunity for self-expression, developing the use of imagination. It develops the ability to discriminate and differentiate between different things e.g. shape, line, patterns, sequences, space and can help develop choice-making. This can also help develop early counting and mark-making/writing skills and provides …

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Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning We have excellent outdoor learning facilities, including our own outdoor classroom. Pupils engage in a range of activities including seasonal sensory stories, planting, bug houses, making wormeries and other seasonal activities such as the scarecrow competition.

Pupil Wellbeing

Pupil Wellbeing Pupil wellbeing is at the heart of the curriculum at Fairfield and has links to all areas of provision. At Fairfield School, well-being is embedded throughout the curriculum, enabling pupils to feel confident, make positive relationships, express emotions, manage change and to cope with the stresses of everyday life. The importance of pupil …

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RSHE RSHE is an integral part of the provision in Fairfield and covers a range of topics including families and people who care for me; caring and respectful relationships; mental wellbeing; internet safety and harms; physical health and fitness; the changing adolescent body (including puberty and menstruation) and, where deemed appropriate, intimate and sexual relationships, …

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Communication Team At Fairfield School writing is undertaken in many different ways. The pupils, through sensory and malleable learning, develop skills and experience writing. Creativity, and curiosity, provides learning that enables pupils to be excited and engaged, using movement to make marks. Physical lessons further support pupils to begin the early steps of mark making. …

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Communication Team STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) STEM represents the group of subjects that fall within these four areas of study. STEM education focuses on practical learning, to develop the necessary skills in students so they are prepared for the rapidly-developing real world. Maths Maths is so much fun at school and is linked …

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Communication Team Reading Reading is a huge part of the curriculum at Fairfield School and we encourage lots of opportunities to immerse and develop different reading experiences within the school day. We have a fantastic library in school and this enables us to provide a rich and varied book provision. Many pupils spend time visiting …

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