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Communication Team

Story Massage

Communication Team Story Massage Programme Background of Story Massage Mary Atkinson and Sandra Hooper are co-founders of the Story Massage Programme. They are both massage therapists with a mission to share the benefits of positive and respectful touch with children and adults of all ages and abilities. It is the combination of their interests, experience …

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Communication Team Tac-Pac Tacpac is a communication activity resource for helping people with sensory or neurological impairment, developmental delay, profound and multiple learning difficulties, tactile defensiveness, and limited or pre-verbal communication. We also use Tac Pac   to develop body awareness and basic interaction skills which includes intensive interaction.   It provides a structured, emotionally safe framework for the …

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Communication Team Jabadao Jabadao is Developmental Movement Play. This approach of Movement Play influences the importance of physical play in child development. At Fairfield we offer Jabadao in 1:1 and small group sessions with students from across the school. The sessions play based and are led by the students. Each Jabadao session can last up …

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Eye Gaze

Communication Team Eye Gaze Technology at Fairfield School Many of our pupils have difficulty physically using a computer and eye gaze technology can offer an alternative way to access the computer. How does Eye Gaze work? The system works by using lights and cameras that picks up reflections in the eyes and translates the movement …

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Communication Team AAC Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) at Fairfield School At Fairfield school we believe everyone has a right to a voice, to be listened to and have the right to be part of the community, in the way that works best for them, and for their communication to be as important as everyone else’s.  …

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