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Physical Team

Drive Deck

Drive Deck The Drivedeck is a powerful motivational tool for the safe, fun teaching and assessment of people with disabilities. Inspiring users by cultivating a sense of secure exploration, the Drivedeck encourages proactivity through the personal fulfillment of independent movement. Inclusive and flexible, the Drivedeck is accessible to all users regardless of existing seating provision. […]

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Rebound Rebound is an exercise for pupils with a range of physical and learning disabilities. It is provided by specially trained staff who have undergone intensive rebound training within the specialist environment at Fairfield. Rebound is an evidence-based activity that significantly improves movement, co-ordination, tone, fitness and communication skills. Students who have Rebound  recommended in

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MATP Motor Activity Training Programme MATP is a programme specifically designed to enable pupils with severe profound and multiple impairments and/or complex needs to participate in sports activity within the Special Olympics. MATP at Fairfield School gives pupils an opportunity to challenge themselves as well as showcase the core set of four skills they have

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Physical Team Walrus The Walrus is an Inflatable air cushion which is used for positioning, relaxing, social stimulation, and engaging individual pupils in effective communication activities. Pupils show anticipation, independent moving and kicking, vocalisations, eye contact and facial expressions The walrus is good as it also works on postural adjustments, motor planning and sensory stimulation.

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Soft Play

Physical Team Soft Play At Fairfield School we have a soft play area which is well used and popular with the students. Soft play provides a safe, fun environment for students, supporting their physical programme.  It gives students the confidence to try new things in a soft, safe environment. Our soft play space has dimmed

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Physical Team Hydro Fairfield School has its own hydro pool on site. Hydro  involves stimulation and gentle exercise in warm water, incorporated multi-sensory equipment such as lighting and sound to stimulate the senses. Hydro offers tangible benefits to the health and well-being of children and young people with a range of disabilities and health conditions:

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ABC Sessions

ABC (Agility, Balance and Coordination) ABC sessions consist of a sensory circuit of various activities to promote pupil’s agility, balance and co-ordination. The sessions are planned for each morning in the hall for focused children to access. Activities support individuals in self-regulation, body awareness and co-ordination. Activities involve balancing, climbing, exercise bike, work benches, skipping,

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