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Communication Team

Eye Gaze Technology at Fairfield School

Many of our pupils have difficulty physically using a computer and eye gaze technology can offer an alternative way to access the computer.

How does Eye Gaze work?

The system works by using lights and cameras that picks up reflections in the eyes and translates the movement of your eyes into mouse cursor movements.

What can you do with it?

We start with a learning system called “insight” this is an intelligent, individualised learning system that will help engage, assess and develop the pupils visual leaning skills.

We can analyse “looking” behaviors to get a unique insight into pupils hidden skills and capabilities and it uses smart analysis to precisely measure progress over time.

The pupils learning goals focus on key milestones and they follow developmental progression and include – Vision, Cognition and Engagement

What can it lead to?

The benefits of using Eye Gaze technology are amazing for our pupils, through the data tracking system we can clearly see the progress they are making. Pupils who were thought to have a severe visual impairment that would limit their access to technology are now progressing through the learning system. We know where the best position is to present objects or symbols for the pupils and they can start to make meaningful choices.

A pupil can go onto using eye gaze technology to access a high tech communication device offering them a powerful, portable and individual communication solution “their voice”.