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Communication Team

Intensive Interaction

Intensive Interaction is a means of communicating with all of our pupils, underpinning our relationship with them, giving them a voice and valuing their own individual way of communicating. It can happen in a planned session or can be used in everyday interactions. It is a practical approach to interacting with people with learning disabilities who do not find it easy communicating or being social.

The approach helps the person with learning difficulties and their communication partner to relate better to each other and enjoy each other's company more. It helps them develop their communication abilities. In Intensive interaction the carer, support worker, speech and language therapist or teacher works on being a better communication partner and so supports the person with learning disabilities develop confidence and competence as a communicator. Intensive interaction is a fun process. The communication partner is guided by what we know about how communication ordinarily develops for young children. S/he applies this knowledge in a way that is sensitive and respectful to the person with learning disability, whatever their age.