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Investors in Pupils

The Investors in Pupils award demonstrates a commitment to all members of its learning community, where they are committed to listening to, involving and actively engaging pupils in their learning and wider school community.

This begins with the visual impact of the learning environment. Schools starting the award often display the following:

 In the classroom:

·         Mission statement/ Vision statement/ Class charter/ Class Promise written by the pupils;

·         A class target that has been agreed by all class members and is reviewed and change regularly;

·         Personal targets for each class member that are agreed, reviewed and changed with supporting adults.

Other displays could include:

·         Staff (including Governors) roles and responsibilities;

·         Pupils roles and responsibilities;

·         School budget;

·         Attendance;

·         Induction materials, e.g. book, video or presentations written by the pupils for new class members.

Investors in Pupils is a whole school approach and assessors will interview range of stakeholders including parents, Governors, staff and pupils. How you communicate information about the award should be considered as part of your school’s action plan.

Investors in Pupils is a non-portfolio based award. Your application for assessment includes a school self-review and the assessor will need evidence that the award is a whole school approach and has an element of sustainability. Schools often share action plans, extracts of the SDP/SEF, presentation and photographs with assessors who are happy to view them.

What is the impact as a result of achieving the award?

These may vary and will often link to one of the five areas (learning, behaviour, school and classroom management, induction and attendance) of the award that you choose to focus on in school.

·         Resources being more respected, because pupils understand that everything has a cost;

·         Support staff are more respected because pupils understand that they have an equally important job to do, as everyone else;

·         Pupils become more involved in school life;

·         Pupils understand the process of target setting and why everyone needs them;

·         It helps schools identify examples of good practice in individual classes and make them consistent across the school.

Many schools can demonstrate a quantitative impact on attendance and behaviour as a result of principles of Investors in Pupils that strengthens and underpins the whole school ethos.