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Maths is so much fun at school and is linked to many aspects of the learning. The Maths Lead at school is Emma Marsden. Maths starts in Early Years and is enhanced through the Early Years Curriculum (EYFS). In Early Years, we begin by introducing numbers through songs, stories and through the language we use each day. Maths is embedded in many different ways within lessons, ensuring all pupils have a wide range of opportunities to develop their knowledge. Teachers take time to carefully introduce Maths within their lessons, covering a wide, and varied, Maths based curriculum. Many pupils enjoy maths as a sensory learning experience, exploring numbers through curiosity and creative learning. Maths learning is further supported through a personalised approach, enabling all pupils to be curious and engaged. We also celebrate Maths as a whole school, enjoying Maths through key events such as Halloween or through assemblies, showcasing our work to others.

Formalised Maths learning covers number work, shapes, matching and colours.  Maths is linked to communication and we are all ambitious at Fairfield school to include language that links learning within everyday school time. In Post 16, the pupils can work towards Maths units within the ASDAN Framework. This enables an opportunity to consolidate and build on prior learning and showcase achievements.