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Medical and Therapy

Medical & Therapy Support

Our multi-disciplinary team is highly-trained in all types of disability and provision is tailored to meet the most complex needs, helping all the children and young people make progress towards fulfilment and greater independence. 

Moving & Handling

Penny Townsend (MCSP HCPC NBE advanced member) is the moving and handling specialist for Kirklees Schools. She is a qualified children’s physiotherapist and has a specialist qualification in moving and handling.  This service provides support to students and staff in the form of training in safer handling techniques which include the use of hoists, slings, wheelchair mobility and standing transfers. Penny will support the school in assessing staff and students to ensure appropriate risk assessments are in place, where appropriate, to ensure reduced risks. She will also carry out sling assessments for those identified students.  Additionally, the school has a trained in-house trainer for Moving & Handling  (Stella Murwisi) who will regularly provide refresher training for existing staff and provide initial training for new members of the team.


The team of physiotherapists, employed by Locala and  based at Fairfield on a part-time basis, specialise in assessing and supporting students with physiotherapy needs and a wide range of physical disabilities. They support  students across the school with a wide range of conditions using specialist skills to maximise independence and functioning.  The team work alongside other professionals, parents and school staff in providing advice, postural management, and assessing for required equipment which will support students in their every day activities in and out of school. The team will oversee individual therapy programmes which are  implemented in the classroom  by trained school staff.

Our current physiotherapists are Jillian Haigh, Gemma Boon, Oliver Barker and Lisa Hambleton.

Meet the team

Gemma Boon

Jillian Haigh

Speech and Language Therapy

The school’s  assigned Speech and Language therapist – Kate Bavin  will work with and support those  students who have complex communication and/or feeding and swallowing difficulties.  Kate will also support students and their families at home  in addition to school support  and assessing and providing advice regarding aspects of language, communication and feeding. Kate regularly provides advice for school staff to be able to implement specific programmes supporting these areas across the school.

Kate Bavin

Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapy Team are part of a multi-disciplinary team  employed by Locala who work closely with the other  agencies in the service. The team support a a range of needs which may present with a delay or difficulty in acquiring physical, social and educational skills. They will use specific activities, often combined with handling and positioning techniques, to promote the child’s development to higher level skills.  Adaptations to equipment and the child’s environment may also be needed to enhance their development, as well as general  advice regarding specific techniques to implement

Meet the team

Jessica Harrison

Kate Bottomley

Melanie    Birchall

Nursing Team

Locala’s School Nursing Teams work in partnership with families, education, social care and other health professionals, to support children and young people to ensure that their health needs are being met. The team  who are based at Fairfield on a full-time basis undertake a range of activities aimed at improving and maintaining the health of children and young people in school. A full- time nurse and additional health care workers are based everyday in the school’s medical room and work closely with school staff, other therapists and medical consultants and professionals from the wider area who support the community.

Meet the team

Debbie Harris

Helen Davies

Julie Barber

Jessica West

Hannah Carr

Lindsay Winfield

Amy Crowe

Beth Jackson