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The MOVE Programme

Fairfield School uses The MOVE Programme as a whole school approach to support the needs of our pupils with additional physical needs.

The MOVE Programme is a practical mobility programme based on the philosophy that movement is the foundation for learning. Regular opportunities are created throughout the daily routine for increased practice and progression of the skills required to achieve pupils personalised goals. The MOVE Programme has the potential to impact on every aspect of pupil’s lives. The benefits are huge, not only for the individual, their family and care teams but for society as a whole.

Health – active movement helps to increases bone density and muscle tone, reduces the severity of dislocations and improves breathing, circulation and digestion

Mobility – as sitting, standing, walking and transferring skills improve, the individual’s ability to perform every-day tasks increases, enabling them to reach their potential

Learning and Understanding – the more pupils move around the greater interest they have in the world around them and the more they are able to be a part of it.

The school achieved the MOVE Silver Quality Award in July 2021 and is working to achieve the Gold Quality Mark by July 2024.