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Sensory Team

Multi-Sensory Approach

A Multisensory approach helps pupils tap into their learning strengths to make connections and form memories, and it allows them to use a wider range of ways to show what they’ve learned.

Multisensory teaching takes into account that different pupils learn in different ways. It helps meet the varying needs of all pupils—not just those with learning and attention issues. And by providing multiple ways to learn, it gives every pupil in the class a chance to succeed.

Using multiple senses gives pupils more ways to connect with what they’re learning. This type of hands-on learning can make it easier for pupils to:

  • Collect information

  •  Make connections between new information and what they already know

  • Understand and work through problems

  • Use nonverbal problem-solving skills

Using a multisensory teaching approach means helping a pupil to learn through more than one sense. Most teaching techniques are done using either sight or hearing (visual or auditory).