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Communication Team

Objects of Reference

We use objects of reference to attach meaning to words, enabling connections to form and building understanding. Consistent use of Objects of Reference develops an understanding into what is happening in the environment.

Objects of Reference – are objects that are closely associated with an activity or event. These objects give the person information about what is going to happen next. Pupils will use the actual objects for an activity for example a cup to represent a drink. The object will always link closely to the activity or to the next step in a daily routine.

Alongside sounds, smells and tactile sensory experiences, we can use objects of reference to make stories more relevant and interesting.

Symbol Systems– these are pictures with words written underneath. The ones we use are called PCS Symbols (Picture Communication Symbols). Symbols are used to aid understanding and enable connections to routines and events. They also enable pupils to choose and share this choice. The symbols can be presented in various ways including charts, boards, communication books and also on individual cards.

We also use symbols as part of as Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS.) This is where the pictures are given to another person in exchange for an item, for example a picture of a biscuit is exchanged for an actual biscuit.

Symbols are used on high tech communication devices and we have students use them on devices called Grid Pads and iPads.