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Occupational Therapy

The Children’s Occupational Therapy service is based in the Children’s Centre at Dewsbury & District Hospital and works regularly with the families and children at Fairfield. They are part of a multi-disciplinary team which includes Physiotherapy, Speech & Language Therapy and Play. Their core team liaises and works closely with other disciplines and agencies in the Health Service, Education Service, Local Authority and other settings. 

The team treats a variety of conditions which may present with a delay or difficulty in acquiring physical, social and educational skills. Tey use specific activities, often combined with handling and positioning techniques, to promote the child’s development to higher level skills.  Adaptations to equipment and the child’s environment may also be needed to enhance his/her development, as may advice regarding specific techniques, such as writing, feeding, dressing, etc. 

A variety of treatment techniques are used by the team and can include; Sensory Integration, Bobath, Neurodevelopment, Multi-sensory – whichever is appropriate for the child.