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Swimming Sessions with Kirklees Active Leisure

Students at Fairfield School are able to access swimming lessons at a local  Kirklees Active Leisure Centre and although  this is not an expectation for all students, the individual needs of students are taken into consideration as to how they will benefit from these regular sessions.

Swimming has many benefits for all children, but learning to swim is particularly beneficial for children with special needs with the following main aims in mind:

  • boosting physical activity levels
  • developing self-confidence
  • teaching  life-saving skills

For children of any ability level, the pool can be a fun and relaxing environment to exercise their bodies.  With each kick or stroke, water resistance helps to build muscle tone and strength.  Even more important for children with disabilities, the process of learning to swim helps with balance, coordination, and the development of motor skills.  As children learn to float and then move through the water, they are isolating muscle groups and learning how to coordinate different motions in order to achieve physical goals.