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Social Community Groups

At Fairfield school we run a number of communication groups these include:

Social Interaction groups 

Social communication involves awareness of self and others. The skills of social communication include:

  • Joint (shared) attention

  •  Proximity

  • Eye- gaze

  • Facial expression

  • Body language

  • Prosody (volume, speed, tone of voice)

  • Turn-taking

AAC High Tech communication group

We have an AAC user group where all the pupils who have a high tech device can come together to practice using their aid, gain confidence and share experiences in learning how to use their devices. We do activities such as:

  • I went to the shops and bought………

  • He said, she said

  • Quizzes

  • How well do you know your friend?

  • I like to…….

Developing early language communication skills 

We run a group to help develop oral language and social interaction skills for those pupils at this level. The sessions are structured and follow a character called “Ginger” skills taught are

  • Eye contact

  • Taking turns

  • Sharing

  • Greetings

  • Awareness of feelings

  • Giving

  • Following instructions

  • Attention 

  • Play skills

 The pupils really benefit from attending the groups and you can see their confidence and language skills growing week on week.The pupils go onto generalize these skills in their daily life both at school and at home.